Monday, 14 May 2012

Calvin Klein Foundation

I have numerous foundations in my kit from mineral makeup to liquid to cake. This review is for Calvin Klein Foundation (a liquid) which I frequently use on women when filming in H.D. It retails at around £15 but if you shop around, you can pick up a bottle for about £6.

The foundations come in two formulations: 'infinite matte oil-free' and 'infinite hydration moisturising'. Unlike a lot of other foundations, there isn't any difference in the handling of the two, so this review will be mutually inclusive of both formulations.

For a new cosmetic range - competing with the vast array of designer and well-established cosmetic brands - Calvin Klein seems to have hit the ground running. Although the foundations have a light feel, one pump delivers the right dose of product and they offer a surprising amount of coverage, whilst also delivering on a dewy, natural and youthful glow. Whilst filming, I first used a primer before applying the foundation with a foundation brush; I have to admit that there was a moment of panic when I thought that I had used too much as the foundation didn't seem to be blending very well. This soon proved false and after more blending, the product was very natural and allowed enough of the skins natural texture to shine through to enhance, rather than mask, the actress. After applying concealer, I used a fan brush to add a light dusting of powder to control shine. All good so far.

As I have experience with different formulations and know full-well how quickly something can turn from a blessing to a curse, I was on standby with a tissue-wrapped powder puff in order to quickly eradicate excess shine; didn't need it. The makeup stayed put and continued to look flawless throughout the day with only minimal touch-ups. I have to say Calvin Klein: I am impressed.


Anyone who suffers from a lot of acne and scarring shouldn't expect this foundation to deliver supermodel-worthy results; the coverage is not ample enough to hide a multitude of sins. If you have a few blemishes and want a product that gives slightly more coverage than a tinted moisturiser, then give this foundation a try. Also, although the colour range is vast, it does appear to be geared more towards the Caucasian market.

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