Wednesday, 16 May 2012

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer Mascara

The idea behind these mascaras is that the mascara is pigmented with a colour that compliments that of your eyes, thus making your eyes 'pop'. I thought that this sounded great and have always been jealous of people with really amazing blue eyes.

The mascara is available for blue, hazel and green eye colours and is also designed to volumise your lashes. The brush is kind of big which I found awkward when getting to the little lashes at the inner-corners, but the mascara itself wasn't clumpy and could be built up easily. I could see that the mascara was a tinted blue-black which I have to admit, I found kind of odd. I'd have thought that having an orange-based mascara would make blue eyes pop as they are on opposite ends of the colour wheel. I can see where the logic is behind the luminizer mascara but I'm afraid that it fails to live up to expectations.

In order to add volume to your lashes, the mascara also contains little fibres; something I discovered when I looked in the mirror and saw that there were little black specks under my eyes. Not a good look. I was surprised to find that they have used fibres as they haven't marked the mascara tube with a warning for contact-lens wearers. So now, in order to wear this mascara, I have to apply a coat of clear mascara on top to provide a seal for the fibres to stop them from falling off.

Overall, I am not impressed. It is a good idea but it just doesn't live up to expectations due to elementary errors. Once this tube is finished, I shall not be buying another.

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