Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

The Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer (Light) is described as being "a three piece flaw camouflage kit". Does it live up to this? Hmmm, yes and no.

 First off, I did think that it was expensive at £10 but the reviews were good and I thought that it couldn't possibly be any worse than the concealer that I had just bought, so I may as well give it a try. 
The case is divided into two layers: the top is a powder and a little puff, the seconds contains concealer of two tones and a little mirror. The concealer on the left is for under-eye brightening and the right is for everything else.

I have to say that the under-eye brightening concealer is much better than the 'normal' concealer. The under-eye brightener is of the right consistency to give good coverage and can be easily blended whether applied with the tip of a finger or a brush. My dark circles are pretty bad and I wasn't convinced that this could cover them without looking obvious. I was pretty disappointed with the results that I got until I applied the powder and wow! The circles were gone, it looked natural and it lasted all day. To be honest, I also thought that I looked a little weird as it had been so long since I actually looked refreshed and not really tired; it seemed to brighten up my whole face. I do find however, that you need to make sure that there are no little creases in the skin when applying the powder, as once it has set, it is set! This can be easily prevented though, by gently stretching the skin as you apply the powder. The puff is also of the right size to get into the nooks and crannies of the eye and delivers the right amount of product.

Having experienced an almost magical effect with the under-eye brightener, I was also expecting the same with the "superwear face concealer". Hmm, yeh. Hit and miss. Sometimes it is brilliant and covers my spots and red patches very well and it stays put all day. Other times however, it seems to conceal everything but the blemish. It just doesn't quite deliver consistently. Of course, there may well be factors in my day that means that it has more to put up with than usual but isn't this what we expect our concealer to be able to withstand? The colour, the consistency and its 'usability' are all great. Its staying power however, really isn't.

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