Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Illamasqua Cream Blusher

I have to admit that I am somewhat biased to this brand. It's just because it is so damn good!

So far, I have two of their cream blushers, the Illumine Oil, some eyeliners and a few cream eyeshadows. Due to this, I can say with confidence that the pigmentation justifies the price. Although seemingly expensive, only a tiny bit of each product is needed to give either a subtle, natural look or one hell of a pop!

I originally bought two cream blushers for use in my professional kit but I ended up keeping the cream blusher in 'Devour' in my personal kit.

As a red-head, I have a lot of redness in my skin tone (whilst also being pale) and after exercise I am like a beetroot. This used to make me afraid to go anywhere near red in makeup, be it for blusher or lipstick. All that changed when I trained as a Makeup Artist and gained confidence to try new things.

Although a red may seem startling when still in its packaging, the secret really is all down to finding the right shade and how you apply it. Those with a warm tone should opt for blue-based reds and those with a cool tone, an orange-based red (blondes, however, can also wear orange-reds). If you are unsure as to what I mean, the next time that you go to buy some new makeup, take a really good look at the blushers available. You should start to see that the tones are slightly different and that not every red is the same.

Anyway. I digress.

Illamasqua has some major pigment-power in their products and this red is no different. So much power in fact, that all I need to do is tap my finger on the surface (yes, that's right: tap!) and I have enough product to apply to one cheek. After blending well, I am left with a flush that is very natural and is still strong enough to show through my mineral foundation (which I apply on top of my blusher).

I can confidently say that the cost per use makes this a really economical product and what with the sales that are available on-line, you can afford to experiment with different colours and formulations and not break the bank. It is very evident that this range has been created by some talented artists who know exactly where and how other brands fail and have sought to fill the gap in the market.

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