Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Prestige (gentle finish) Mineral Powder Foundation

After deciding to tackle my oily skin problems once and for all, I decided to go on the hunt for a better foundation. Previously, I had been using one by Max Factor but it was hit and miss as to whether or not I would get good coverage. I also found that the oil in the makeup would exacerbate my skin condition.

Although I had heard about mineral makeup, I have to admit that I thought it a fad. I seemed to be hearing bad things about them (too powdery, not enough colour choice, bad coverage etc) all the time but then as they began to become more mainstream, better products came out. I also read that the repeated use of mineral makeup can help calm overall facial redness and as it is a powder, could also combat oily skin.

After doing some research on-line, I came across Prestige which seemed to give good results thus garnering good reviews. I ended up having to buy mine on-line as it appears that a lot of shops have pulled the range from their shelves. I had no choice but to buy a two-pack at £22. (I know, I felt sick too; £22 is a big ask when you have never tried the product before).

When it arrived, I was a little dismayed at how small the pot is and thought 'what a rip-off'. I decided that as I had paid for it, I may as well give it a try and move onto something else once it had been finished.

Mineral makeup is best applied with a flat-edged brush such as a kabuki brush. The idea is to load up the brush, then tap off the excess and apply the foundation in circular motions onto the skin.

After applying the foundation, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it had covered the redness. I did however, think that it looked like makeup but it was still good enough to wear. After checking my reflection about half and hour later however, I found that the makeup was looking even better. It seems that the mineral foundation gets warmed up by your skin and then settles nicely. I had applied extra coverage along my jaw-line where I get quite a few spots and although it covered really well, I was slightly paranoid that my face was a different colour to my neck. (I asked my Dad this question and it turns out that it wasn't).

I have been using Prestige mineral foundation regularly now and I have to say that my skin is better for it; the thought of going back to a cream foundation kind of grosses me out now. I have also found that my makeup routine is much faster now as precise application isn't needed and you don't need to worry about blending. I only wish that Prestige was more freely available and that it was cheaper.

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